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Hornets Nest

noh.gifEven though the Hornets have one of the most sleek looking blogs out there (Hornets 24/7), the quotes I'll link to for today's game are brought to you by a collaborative effort between and  I think this Q&A exchange is very cool in that it shows that teams are picking up some tips from bloggers who have been doing collaborative efforts for a while.

Q: Chris Paul certainly made a name for himself in his first season. The biggest thing that stands out in his stats is an increase in his three-point percentage. What has CP3 improved in his game that doesn't show up in the box score?

A: Leadership. I think everyone on the team readily acknowledged that even as a rookie, Chris was the Hornets' best player in 2005-06. But the fact that he was new to the league made him a little bit hesitant to take on a vocal leadership role, other than what was required of him as the team's starting point guard. He was one of several young players on last season's squad who took their cues on how to be a professional on and off the court from veteran P.J. Brown. Brown was dealt to Chicago in the offseason in the Tyson Chandler trade, creating an additional need for locker-room leadership. Unfortunately for Chris, it's been a frustrating season in terms of injuries to himself as well as his teammates. This team hasn't been playing together very long - only David West has been with the Hornets for more than two seasons - and that makes it even tougher when your lineup is constantly being shuffled due to injuries.

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