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Ainge, Youth, and Talent Evaluation

SI writer Ian Thomson has a couple of interesting views on the Celtics this week. 

One is in the print publication (I can't find the link right now) where he makes the point that while Danny Ainge has been an exceptional drafter, his staff's weakness appears to be in not being able to find cheap talent that is in the league already.  Examples would include Boris Diaw and DaSagana Diop, both of whom had to get a fresh start on a new team to prosper.  He doesn't mention this, but I believe Telfair was Ainge's attempt at finding gold in the NBA.  The problem might be that he relied too much upon his draft impressions and not enough on what Telfair has (or hasn't) been able to do in the league.  Thomson makes the point that the Celtics need to spend more time and energy scouting the NBA for hidden talents.

The other blurb by Thomson revolves around Ainge's overvaluing his youth.  Not a new accusation by any means, but there is a quote of note: 

"The Celtics are going to have to trade some of those young guys,'' addded an Eastern Conference exec, "if only for the reason that they won't be able to re-sign them all and stay under the luxury tax. The other problem with thinking you can build around them is that on a good team -- a team that's contending for conference championships -- they're all going to be second-string players, except for Al Jefferson.''

Of course the glaring omission from that evaluation is the potential that Gerald Green has.  You could argue that Rondo has almost as much upside as well.  Then again, perhaps we are overvaluing the youth as well.  Will Gerald become a star, or just settle into being a good scorer?  Only time will tell, and I'm not sure Ainge has the time to wait and find out.

By the way, Ainge was in Austin scouting Durant the other night.