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Cat's Meow

cha.gifI can't keep calling these games "the Battle of Who Could Care Less" because there are far too many teams vying to care the least. Tonight's contestant is the Bobcats.

It is hard to put a finger on these two teams. The Celtics played the Mavs tough and beat the Spurs before a big let-down game against the Hornets. The Bobcats lost to the Bucks to claim the 3'rd worst record. Bobcats Planet reacted to that game thusly:

Last night’s Charlotte-Milwaukee game had something in it for everyone: 1) a win for the winners, 2) the third-worst record for the losers. The Bobcats chose Door #2, and we’ll see what our Mystery Surprise is come draft day. Plus, the good news is I’m positive we’re not tanking these games down the stretchâ€"we really are this bad, and our conscience will be clean when we get that high pick.

However, a funny thing happened last night, the team played LeBron and the Cavs, ...and won! overtime!

HueyHere's the reaction to that one:

Okay, let’s face it: the Bobcats aren’t making the playoffs this year. Worse, they’re probably not terrible enough to get a very high draft pick. So we’re just playing it out right now, and if the Bobcats’ season were a Megadeth album, it’d be Countdown to Extinction. But I’m going to keep watching, because they play hard and because I love them. And that’s what love does to youâ€"like my man Huey Lewis said, it’ll change a hawk to a little white dove.

There is just no way to tell what two inconsistent teams will do when they play against each other. Anything could happen.