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Daily Links 3/22

Herald   Doc feeds reserves to Bobcats in loss
Pierce's teammates have sympathy for his aches and pains
Doc says Pierce should play, Scal talks about baby girl, Gomes gets bobblehead
Globe   Doc not at a loss for words, Perk's got his back
After layoff Gomes returns to the court
Oden handles expectations
Globe Celtics Blog   Doc goes on the defensive    What is True Hoop?
Artest charged and could face up to 4 years in prison
Dallas Morning News    Shoe deal could determine whether Durant declares or not
Basketball's one year rule works
LA Times    Kobe denies Dallas Morning News report that he contacted Durant
Hartford Courant    Usual suspicions raised after Celtics blow big lead
Patriot Ledger   Oden is the cream of the crop
SouthCoast Today   Top pick's best value may be in trade
Projo    Bobcats maul Celtics after Pierce's exit
SF   By losing Celtics gain in lottery race
Worcester Telegram    Celtics subs left to sink
Gomes gets bobblehead, Rondo wins bet but Ray reneges
Hoopsvibe    Ainge getting a head start on next season
Charlotte Observer    Game report from Charlotte viewpoint