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Mavs Again

dal.gifLast Friday's Dallas game was a lot closer than it had any right to be, but we get to play the Mavs again tonight.  Who knows who will be playing in the 4th quarter?  Though if the blowout I predicted for last Friday happens to arrive tonight, then that same 5 from the end of the Cats game could be seeing some garbage time anyway.

Checking in with Mavs Moneyball once again, he is giving credit to Devin Harris for being a team guy.

I think that if Devin Harris were playing for a team like the Celtics or Bobcats right now he could easily be averaging between 15 and 18 points a game, yet he'll go an entire game for Dallas without a FGA. Shooting more than ten times a game isn't what he needs to be doing to help this team, so he doesn't.

He's been yanked between starter and 6th man throughout the season, losing his starting job for reasons other than his performance. The veterans on this team get a lot of credit for "accepting roles", why can't the young guys too?

Insert your own "if Devin Harris were playing for the Celtics" joke here.


Game Note: Brian Scalabrine is out with a strained left hamstring.


Listen to the pregame comments with Doc Rivers (Dallas @ Boston).