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Shut. Him. Down.

ouchy I could maybe understand Pierce playing when his foot is fine and his elbow is just a little sore (and leaky?). What I hadn't heard until now is this (from the Herald):

“My foot has its good days and its bad days,” he said. “It’s not unbearable, like it was, but I’m going to talk to the doctors and talk to Danny (Ainge tomorrow).

Seriously, if there are any bad days for a stress reaction, that's a bad thing in my mind. I'm no doctor, but I don't think you want to play around with something like that.

He plans to have an MRI to better gauge how the injury could impact what Pierce hopes will be at least another five years of his career.

Here's hoping the MRI turns up just enough to shut him down but not so much that it points to a bigger problem.