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Game Recap #70 - Celtics vs. Toronto Raptors

I had to pick a friend up at Logan Airport, got caught in some hideous traffic, and listened to the first half of the game on the radio.  In the process I did not post a preview or an open game thread.  My bad.  Although in my defense - it's my first day.  On the bright side I had two interesting radio experiences. Max and Grande (scroll down) informed me that Kendrick Perkins and Chris Bosh go way back to 2002 when they played high school basketball against each other in Texas.  Secondly, somewhere in New Hampshire I lost the signal.  I pushed seek and it repeatedly cycled through the entire AM dial without stopping.  After a few times through I got the message.

Tommy Heinsohn's love of everything Rajon Rondo was a little over the top tonight.  More so than usual, which is saying something.  Given Tommy's general disdain for little men (see T.J. Ford comments) it is kind of crazy that Rondo has become his favorite player.   Meanwhile it was good to see excited, optimistic Tommy.  To be honest though I might enjoy bitter Tommy more.

Who leads the Celtics in Tommy Points? Delonte West.

I wish all the best to Jorge Garbajosa.  I hate to see a player go down like that.  If it had been Al Jefferson (fouled on the play) I am not sure how I would cope.  

Due to recent developments Luke Jackson was paid by both teams tonight.

By the way already updated its standings.  Nice work fellas.

The last time these two teams met I wrote one of my favorite posts of all time.  It is pleasing to the eye, makes use of YouTube for video evidence, and reads at a high school level, which is high for me.  Although in my raving about Gerald Green I forgot to mention he is a bad defender that spends a good amount of time on the court looking confused.  Of course I also failed to wax poetically about his jump shot.  Long story short the verdict is still out on Green, but I think he makes it.  In related news, about once a week, usually while playing NBA Jam, I say the following out loud, "Please don't let Green be the next Harold Miner."

Harold Miner, Brian Scalabrine, Paul Pierce - Compton, Long Beach, Inglewood!  Seriously, look it up.