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I Am So Done With This Year

Danny When your team is fully out of the playoff race and there is only about a dozen games left, it is usually time to start playing the young players and see what you have for the future. Unfortunately this team has been doing that all season long. It’s getting old!

Do we really need another month of games to learn that Al Jefferson is good? Do we really need another month of games to learn that Telfair isn’t?

What makes it worse is that the rest of this season is being fully overshadowed by the biggest offseason we’ve had to look forward to in the last 10 years. So much hangs in the balance, the biggest of which is the draft lottery but that doesn’t happen for another 2 months!

Perhaps the 2nd biggest story of the offseason will be the decision on Doc Rivers’ future. That could happen right after the season or drag on. If he walks away or is let go, there will be a search for a replacement.

Meanwhile, Wyc will have to worry about setting a price on Al Jefferson’s extension. Once that is done, the team will have to decide how much to offer Delonte West and Ryan Gomes in terms of extensions. And of course Danny has been trying to turn these assets into a an All Star for years, but will he finally find a dancing partner? A lot of big name players should be available.

The summer looms large on the horizon and it is painful waiting and watching this team go through the motions.

What is left for the rest of this year other than a Michael Olowokandi farewell tour? Do we really have to evaluate a Sebastian Telfair, Allen Ray backcourt? Powe has great heart but he's short, ...thanks, I knew that in training camp.

I'm honestly struggling with what we have left to learn. Perhaps we can squeak out some more experience teaching Gerald to be more aggressive, but we can't teach Delonte to use his right hand without a full offseason of him working on it. Likewise Perkins needs an offseason diet and workout that will lighten the load on his balky feet. Rondo needs a summer of jump shooting drills. The rest of the walking wounded just need some rest.

Everyone is worn down and tired from this long, painful season, including fans and bloggers. I know I'll miss seeing games when we are in the dog days of August, but I don't know how much I'll miss these particular games. Summer can't get here fast enough.

(by the way, you can hear me rant on this same subject on CelticsStuffLive if you download last night's program)

(by the way part II, thankfully the players seem to have a better attitude than I do - see Shira's article today)

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