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Welcome to Green Bandwagon

Welcome to Green Bandwagon. If you came from my old site, linked here through another SB Nation blog, or are just an incredibly confused environmentalist, I am happy you made it.  And whatever route you took to get here I encourage you to stay a while, register, and make this a regular part of your Internet routine.

And if you care about the Boston Celtics, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon.  Do not wait for the ping-pong balls to drop, the draft, or some magical off-season trade.  Watch Al Jefferson learn how to handle double teams, Gerald Green try to play defense, Paul Pierce relentlessly attack the rim, any Delonte West interview, and everything else great about this team.  And while you watch, why not read and write about it here?  Post comments on the main page or create your own diary.

So what can you expect from Green Bandwagon?  I think a Crash Davis style belief statement is in order.  So here goes: I believe Al Jefferson is one of the best-kept secrets in the NBA.  I believe Gerald Green is exciting but by no means a sure thing. I believe that ESPN basketball writers are contractually obligated to remind us on a regular basis that Rajon Rondo can't shoot.  I believe in fast breaks, box outs, pick and rolls, refusing to give up baseline, hard fouls, and spirit breaking dunks. I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing the Celtics dancers.  I believe that Danny Ainge does not hate international players even if he refuses to draft them and Michael Olowokandi is the only foreigner on the squad.  I believe that even though Lucky the mascot is annoying, his sling shot/roller blades dunk is impressive.  I believe Tommy Heinsohn's rants have brainwashed me to the point that I can no longer objectively evaluate the Celtics.

I hope that helps.  And if that is not enough, consider the following.  Word on the street is that my move to SB Nation was the biggest development in NBA themed blogs over the last couple of months.  Apparently this was a distant second.  That is the kind of humor you will find at Green Bandwagon on a daily basis.  In closing I have a tradition of using the following picture in the initial post of all my sites (all 2 of them).  Enjoy and come back soon.