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Pierce and West on FSN New England

If you missed you it when it aired you owe it to yourself to watch Paul Pierce and Delonte West's appearance on FSN. The clip is similar to Stephon Marbury's new show except in this case it is a brief, one time segment.  And since it involves Celtics and the comedic genius of this generation of NBA players (Delonte West) I refuse to mock it.  

1. They spent the first two minutes arguing about fashion.  

  • West's love of Gucci caught me off guard.
  • "See when you ask questions like this no when you ask like this like I like gotta really think like where's your motivation comin from because you know." - West.  I have no idea what that means.
  • "That's real live Taz Manian Devil." - West discussing his coat.
  • "I swear to god.  My aunt got a cur a curtain that look just like that blazer you got on.  I swear to god every time the sun came in she was like `close the curtain Delonte the sun all in there' and (mumbling) you takin me and giving me flashbacks." - West
2.  West's assessment of the team makes me think he spends time with Tommy Heinsohn:  

- "We be cold blooded.  We cold blooded now for real.  We col, you know that.   We cold blooded. When we when we ballin and we just out there just playing basketball we can play with anybody in this league." - West

In fact both Pierce and West have an incredibly positive outlook on the team.

3. Other highlights:

  • "That sound all wonderful and good and mama want me to come home.  I'm going home to D.C. to get some chicken, sleep in my same room with no TV in there, do some pushups, and come on back up and do some layups." - Delonte contrasting his summer against Pierce's planned trip to Italy.
  • "First and foremost man you know I don't want to give shout outs like I don't know how to act on TV."  West proceeded to give shout outs such as, "Little Rudy, couldn't get the money for your bail, but we gonna get there." - He really could be serious.  Pierce laughed and pulled the veteran move of ending the interview.  Although West still yelled, "Swamp thing!" and walked off the set talking into a phone, "Denzel...Washington!" - I'm speechless.