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Dee Brown Speaks Out

Dee Brown is writing for HoopsHype these days.  I enjoyed his recent article on the state of the Celtics.

He does an excellent job of reminding everyone of some of the guys who wore the white and green ten years ago - Brett Szabo, Nate Driggers,
Steve Hamer, Marty Conlon, and Frank Brickowski.  Ouch.

Brown does not hide his connection to the C's.  Openly discusses captaining the team and playing on that 96/97 squad.  At the same times he uses "us" and "we" at times to describe the current day.  Good to see he's still connected.

Browns's run on ESPN a few years back obscured the fact that he is a smart guy.  

I think articles like this, player blogs, and other developments of the like terrify established sports writers.

Thanks to the most recent CelticsStuff Live podcast for the heads up on the article.

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