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Sources Say Oden Will Go Pro

OdenChad Ford reports:

One prominent NBA player agent, who asked not to be identified because he was revealing confidential discussions, told Insider that he had enough contact with Conley's father, Mike Conley Sr., to be 99 percent sure both Oden and Conley Jr. were coming out.

"I think Oden really wants to stay in school," the agent told Insider. "However, I think he's feeling a lot of pressure from family and friends that the opportunity to be the No. 1 pick is one he can't pass on. I think Conley Jr. wanted to make sure he was the top rated point guard in the draft before declaring. He didn't want to settle for a mid-to-late first-round pick. With his play in the tournament, I think he's there. Next year, with O.J. Mayo in the mix, he may not be."

One other agent essentially confirmed the first agent's story.