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My first week of college I divided my time between numerous assembly style meetings about being a good person, a seemingly endless number of football commitments, meeting new people, striking out with girls, and waking up to my drunken roommate crashing through the window.  Joining SB Nation has made me feel that overwhelmed for the first time since.  Needless to say it has been a crazy couple of days.  The top 5 experiences so far:

  1. Exchanging e-mails with numerous other bloggers.  I sense the potential for a good-hearted feud between Green Bandwagon and Posting and Toasting.  And by good-hearted I might mean "bitter, mean spirited, and vindictive".  Just kidding.  Besides if I were going to engage in a guerilla style war against someone blogging about an Atlantic Division foe I wouldn't openly declare it. You think the Midwest knew the Russians and Cubans were coming in Red Dawn? I think not.
  2. Getting a shout out on the main page of Celtics Blog.  Big day.
  3. Seeing color on my blog.
  4. Trying to navigate html.
  5. Trying to figure out a way to pull a Gilbert Arenas and bump up the vote totals on my poll and then being shocked to see 30 votes.
All and all it is great to be here.  I hope you come by regularly as I have big plans for the site.  Long term plans:
  • Continue to follow the Celtics on a daily basis (goes without saying).
  • Establish myself as, outside of the creators, the foremost expert on NBA Jam (July).
  • Create a video that will either entertain numerous people or ruin my credibility Eddie Murphy style (August).
Stay tuned...

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