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Game #71 - Celtics vs. Magic Recap - Take 1

Exciting win for the Celtics.  The TD Banknorth Garden was rocking, the players were full of emotion, and the team simply would not quit.  Furthermore, there is a chance that it was Kendrick Perkins' best game of the season.  However, Tommy Heinsohn may have been the story of the night.  He berated the refs, decided that Al Jefferson was a better for a franchise than Dwight Howard, raved about Leon Powe and Rajon Rondo, and screamed bloody murder about the treatment of Paul Pierce.  Tommy was at his best or his worst, depending upon how you look at.  As a result I am going to watch the game again, track Tommy's analysis and tirades, and post the results tomorrow.  In the meantime enjoy Brian Hill's look alike.  That's right it's Patrick Duffy from Step-by-Step!  Duffy easily defeated Alan Thicke for the honor.