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Doc Optimistic About 07-08

DocSteve Bulpett has a nice article with lots of quotes from Doc playing the "what if" game and waxing poetic about the future. Sounds like he's trying to build a case for his extension.

"If we didn’t add another guy - and if we stayed healthy - I think we’d be in the playoffs,” said the coach. “I really do. Before guys went down, I thought we were headed to the playoffs, so you can just look at that. We were three games under .500 and we were on a winning streak.

“But we’ve got to be healthy, and the right guys have to be healthy. But we’ll be better just from all the guys having played so much this year. Tony Allen will be better. Delonte (West)’s better. I think Rajon (Rondo) will be much better. I think he’ll have the biggest improvement. I think his shot will be better and he’ll have more confidence. . . .

“You take the same guys playing the same system and give them more experience, and I just think everything will be better. I’m extremely optimistic about our team.”

With one year left on his contract, Rivers has let it be known he would rather not coach as a lame duck. So unless the Celtics are willing to offer him an extension, he could be gone even if the club does not take the decision out of his hands to go in a different direction.