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The New Shaq

orl.gifThe Magic will be in town for tonight's game and you have to love this Dwight Howard kid.  He just has a great, fun attitude that is remenicent of Shaq.  MJD points out on the Fanhouse blog:

You know, of all the young stars in the NBA, Dwight Howard might be the most important. He's just got that friendly, lovable, universal appeal that none of the other young guys have. Carmelo's a little too gully to have that kind of appeal, LeBron's waaaaay too corporate to have that kind of appeal, and I'm not sure Dwyane Wade has it, either. That commercial where he gave the kids basketballs, and gave the coach an SUV? It just didn't seem like his heart was in it. I bet he egged that SUV later.

Howard, though, has a quick smile and seems to like dealing with people. At some point soon, I could see him having a very broad, Shaq-like appeal.

I'll also submit this Shaq/D.Howard dance-off from All Star weekend.  Good times.

By the way, Justin from CelticsStuffLive is covering the game again tonight.  On top of providing us with some audio clips, he plans on live-blogging the game, though he won't have the luxury of the SportsGuy's dad or his buddy House feeding him material.  So he'll just have to rely on laughing at Dickerson and Lucky.