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I thought he'd never leave...

We've been anticipating Jeff's world tour now for about a month. As soon as he gave us the news we naturally went right to work planning on how we were going to forge right ahead during his eleven day absence (I mention that for the sake of those of you who will no doubt end up counting the days before his return). So we got all organized and put the word out to CB staffers and writers that we would love for them to make some special contributions to CelticsBlog that we might run during this period bereft of Jeff's gift of connection and charm.

They didn't let us down at all. One by one folks responded and enthusiastically offered to provide one or more articles for this interim. I've never been more proud of that bunch, so you can but imagine how I feel this afternoon sitting here with exactly THREE pieces submitted for publication. I have no words to describe it. Well, really I do have words for it, but if I used them, then I would have to ban myself from this website.

What's a publisher to do? Times like this sure make you appreciate a windbag like Jeffrey. I'll swear, I couldn't love him more if he was my own illegitimate son! All is not lost though. Thank goodness for FLCeltsFan who will be bringing her bloodhound like talents each day by sniffin' out good, fresh web links and fetchin' 'em for us. I'm also sure that the CelticsBlog Procrastinators Club will begin trickling in their works at the eleventeenth hour day by day.

We'll also have timely additions related to our upcoming games. Master Po is going to cut loose on a few goodies. God only knows when. The man seemingly loves nothing better than a big surprise, but I am confident he'll pull through. Eric Weiss may drop by and I expect our beloved Jughead to drop some goodies on us during home game days. Likewise, we hope to hear from JB and The Duke of similar CelticsStuff Live fame as well. Jeff Hickman and Patrick Gilroy of ESPN Boston may provide us with some of their special brand of conjecture. At least I hope so. They've been invited and I think it would be good for them to stop lurking around this website and prove to the Celtics community once and for all that they are not just "all talk and no type".

Did I miss anyone with my guilt trip? If so, I apologize. I'll get you next time around.

Nevertheless, if all those folks (and others--you know who you are) fail to rally in our time of great need, I have three backup plans. 1. Turn Roy Hobbs loose on the frontpage. That should be good for 20+ articles a day. 2. Fill in the gap myself by posting pieces on developing business plans, eclectic Excel spreadsheeting techniques, getting to know PHP and MySQL, fun with javascript and Web 2.0, cryptography for dummies, how to replicate a 1959 Les Paul guitar finish, pre-war Mastertone Banjo restoration methods and taking the guesswork out of Bi Polar Disorder. 3. Just wait for Jeff to get home.

Best wishes and prayers for Jeff and the missus for a safe trip and wonderful vacation.

Meanwhile, I give my thanks to Cman, CelticsBandwagon and Bent for your new contributions to CelticsBlog. I've looked over them and think folks around here are going to enjoy them immensely. Not that I have much say-so in such matters, but as far as I'm concerned, you are all officially absolved of any sins you may have committed in the process of writing those "mini-epics".