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Game #72 - Celtics vs. 76ers Preview

The last time these two teams met Allen Iverson had just been traded, Andre Miller had not arrived in Philly yet, Paul Pierce was in a boot, and the 76ers picked up the W.  Make no mistake, these are two bad teams. This will probably be an entertaining, poorly played game.  

76ers Notes:

Andre Miller - At some point we'll reflect on the fact that he was traded from a playoff team to a difficult situation, his new team got better, and we never heard a word from him.

Rodney Carney - I wish I could write something insightful about him.

Steven Hunter - See Carney, Rodney.

Samuel Dalembert - A great guy to have on your fantasy squad.  I'm interested to see how he looks tonight.  If this were paintball the C's would be screwed.

Andre Iguodala - Is he becoming a great player or a guy performing on a bad team.  For example Ryan Gomes put up some great numbers during the C's 18 game losing streak.  But the Celtics lost 18 games in a row.  Do you really want Gomes to be your #2? The jury is still out on Iguodala.

Other players of note:

Kyle Korver - I'd appreciate it if he'd hit about four three pointers for my fantasy squad.  I'm desperate.  I just picked up some guy I've never heard of who is taking 4th quarters shots over Michael Redd and not because he is better than the Bucks star.

Other the other Sixers I would comment on picked up the old "DNP" in Philly's last game.

Celtics Notes:

At this point there is nothing new to say.  The only thing to note is that Paul Pierce will not play tonight.  While it does not mean that he is out for the season, it looks like it could be headed that way.  And all is not well:

"It's another year we don't get into the postseason. It's another year I don't get recognized for the things I do. I'm the classic case of a great player on a bad team, and it stinks." - Paul Pierce

- Check out Bill Simmons on a podcast with Chad Ford over on ESPN for some Celtics insight.