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Game #72 - Celtics vs. 76ers Recap

I have to admit that I got a little caught up in my fantasy baseball draft tonight and watched the Celtics game but did not really watch it. In the end I lost twice.  I feel guilty as if I cheated on the Celtics and I made some "interesting" picks.  And by "interesting" other members of the league thought I was making beer runs.  But I did want to highlight the fact that I wrote the following in my preview:

"Kyle Korver - I'd appreciate it if he'd hit about four three pointers for my fantasy squad.  I'm desperate.  I just picked up some guy I've never heard of who is taking 4th quarters shots over Michael Redd and not because he is better than the Bucks star."

Korver hit 4 three pointers, which made me feel dirty.  On the bright side the unnamed Bucks player - Ersan Ilyasova - crapped the bed. It's nice when karma works quickly. Other notes:

  • The teams combined for 48 turnovers. I love the NBA. You love the NBA. Stats like that make it difficult for us to defend the NBA to people who hate it.  
  • I'm starting to hear rumors about Al Jefferson being on the block.  Never mind that he wants to be here, previously stating that he would chain himself to the team bus.  And forget about the fact that Tommy Heinsohn blatantly said he would take Big Al over Dwight Howard. Meanwhile, Bill Simmons did not go that far but he beat around the bush.  I will not be able to take an Al Jefferson trade unless it is freaking awesome. And even then...
  • Gerald Green could be the new Antoine Walker in terms of people jumping on and off his bandwagon.  In case you are wondering I'm holding on to the bumper as it drags me through the street. Although I like to think I am riding shotgun in the Al Jefferson bandwagon.
  • The following tidbit will be everywhere tomorrow. The Celtics played 9 players tonight. Ryan Gomes was the 24.
  • I am trying to ignore Donny Marshall. But he's making it difficult. To review: The Marshall Plan helped rebuild post WW2 Europe. It's not what some guy who always has to remind us that he played at UConn and in the NBA thinks the Celtics have to do to win. And the 3 man broadcast team? Two words: No bueno. That's Spanish.
  • I still want to see what Andre Iguodala can do on a good team.
  • Andre Miller can really put up some pedestrian lines from time to time (3 points, 3 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, 3 turnovers, no field goals). But as I said before I did not watch closely enough to tell if he controlled the action in more subtle ways.  
  • That analysis of Tommy's take on the Magic game is becoming my white whale. I still intend to do it, mainly because my credibility is on the line.
  • Check out the picture below. A) Gomes gets some face time for being the elder statesman. B) Time to start drinking Aquafina.