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Daily Links 3/31

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Herald   Without the Captain, Celtics had no shot at a win
Pierce out for now but says he will play again this season
Globe   Celtics run out of gas in the end of sloppy game
Pierce takes a seat but not done for the season
Globe Celtics Blog   Five things that went wrong for the Celtics this season  Pierce voices his disappointment in the Celtics this season
Ford's Podcast:  Simmons talks Oden, Durant & What he'd do if Celts get 3rd Pick
Dirt Dogs  There's no I in team, but there is one in Pierce
Hoopsworld   DJ and the D-League: Allan Ray's Experiences as an Austin Toro   Most disappointing players- No Celtics, but Ricky D made it 
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel   Coach K takes a page from Doc's book on losing as Bucks breath down our necks for the 2nd worst record
Patriot Ledger   Doc should be rewarded with a new contract
FanHouse   It's Oden, Durant, or bust for the Celtics   
Worcester Telegram  
Noah just wants to play, Oden on center stage
Can Danny   Paul Pierce: The self proclaimed great player on a bad team
Philly Inquirer   Game report from Philly point of view
The end doesn't justify the means (more from Philly)
This weekend Doc is a father and not a coach