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In ancient Greek, it means "lightning"

Dynamos. Much like the devil in the first chapter of the Book of Job, I've been "going up and down in the earth and to and fro in it". Though some would say we have many, one of the few things I'll admit the Devil and I have in common is that neither of us are omnipresent. I'm sure it is just as frustrating for him as it is for me. So I guess I can relate to the guy at least to the extent that I can easily visualize some striking similarities between running Hades and running CelticsBlog during Jeff's vacation. These are jobs that require a level of industry that could probably only otherwise be appreciated by one-legged point guards.

All is well, 'though, for in spite of their apparent, living fantasy of "winning the game at the buzzer with a three-point shot, " our wonderful staff and authors are proving to be real clutch players. Thanks to them, I have the very comfortable feeling that we are going to have a wonderfully fun and informative time here at CelticsBlog this coming week. Man, I love this place. On the other hand, I am somewhat less comfortable with the knowledge that now, rather than just asking myself (in the words of Billy Graham), "What would Jesus do?", I'm wondering if old Slue-Foot has any ideas.