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Daily Links 3/5

Herald   Egged on to a victory: Fired-up Celts nip Wolves
Celtics are suddenly  winning - put #1 pick on hold
Doc doesn't like trash talk, who got the better of the Wolves/Celtics trade?
Celtics thrill midday crowd and beat Wolves in double OT  (AP)
Globe   Double OT win speaks well of the Celtics
Wittman irate over call,  Celtics finally setting good records
Hoopsworld    In Boston, a picture is worth a thousand words
HoopsAddict  Atlantic Division recap allows you to mix your own videos (hat tip to True Hoop)
SouthCoast Today   Winning not all bad for the Celtics, Danny responds to criticism
Worcester Telegram   Photo speaks volumes, Blount and Ricky speak, Max still joking 
Celtics get lucky,  Botched call helps Celtics get past Wolves
Protrade   Slip sliding away - a letter to Danny Ainge
Toro's Website   Allan Ray scores 25 in Toros' loss 
I Heart Celtics   Celtics win 4th in a row, Bill Simmons cults plan mass suicide
Draft Express   Shaking up the draft process, no workouts before NBA pre-draft camp
SI Fantasy Central   25 players moving on up and impressing including West, Jefferson and Green
Forbes  Top 100 GMs in sports - McHale #1, King #3, Isaiah 82, Ainge 92
Star Tribune    Wolves land on wrong side of line in controversy (Game report from Wolves view)