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Last year we did a quick poll asking if you were more of a Hickman (pessimist), a Gilroy (fence sitter), or a Kool Aid drinker. That was fun, but I hesitate putting people into categories like that. In fact, it only serves to increase snippiness between those that label other posters as "haters" or "pessimists" or the like.

So in the spirit of Facebook or even MySpace, I thought I'd open the forum for people to describe themselves in a quick blurb. What are your views on the current situation? In what direction do you typically lean?

One quick note: If you want anyone to read your profile, you might want to heed the words of the Bard - "Brevity is the soul of wit."

Jeff Hickman

hickman.jpgI believe that the C's are heading in the wrong direction, but should tank based on the talent in this years draft. I also think that Danny has failed miserably as a GM. I am scared that during the off-season he has to make a trade for a veteran, it won't be a good one because his track record is terrible at making trades. The Raef trade has been an iron
cast around the feet of this organization since it was made. I also think Wally was a huge mistake. I believe if the C's truly want to go young than they need to trade pierce for more young talent and draft picks and go full force.

Patrick Gilroy

gilroy.jpgI believe that Danny needs to make a trade right away, even if the cost is high. It will keep Paul pierce happy, and keep him demanding a trade. I think Pau Gasol is the answer to many of our problems and also think our young players are severely overrated. I believe we need talent now, and that any veterans will help lead this team to more victories.

Jeff Clark

clark.jpgI believe the Celtics were going about things the right way and would have been a lot better next year but bottoming out this year is actually a huge bonus in terms of draft position. I’m an eternal optimist and Danny Ainge apologist, though that faith has been tested quite a bit lately. I would love to keep all the kids in house but I’d rather make a move this summer to finally cash in on some of the chips Danny has gathered. I see a winning lottery ticket, a trade for an All Star, and a 20+ game turnaround next year.

So, what is your profile?

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