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Doc: "Pick" is a 4 Letter Word

Bulpett reports:

The Celtics never made it to the Toyota Center in Houston for their shootaround last Monday morning. They met at their hotel to watch video and all that, and Rivers said that night they just got caught up in their preparation and decided it was too late to get on the bus. Evidently, he left a little something out of that explanation.

“(Expletive) the draft pick,” Rivers said. 
The Celtics had lost 22-of-23 and 29-of-32 games before that statement. They have won 4-of-4 since. And while Ryan Gomes said, “I think it’s mostly because we’re playing better defense now,” he acknowledged that such words from on high had an effect on the club.

“It was a good meeting,” Gomes said. “People had their say, but we’ve had meetings like that before. But to hear what (Rivers) said - forget about the draft pick - was something I think we needed. 
“We knew there was a lot of talk about the pick and about us having the worst record in the league. You just saw so much stuff on SportsCenter and regular TV. But when the coach tells you he wants to go out and win every game, that brings you back to thinking about what we’re supposed to be doing here, and that’s winning games. It’s not that we’d stopped trying or anything, but this got us on the same page (and) brought us together a little more.

Good for Doc, that's exactly the message that he should be delivering to the players.  Let Danny think about the pick.