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If I Knew Then...

One of the funny things with blogs is how quickly material gets dated and forgotten about. I spend a lot of time working on some of these posts (and not enough time on others), but the minute some new thought pops into my head, it goes to the top of the page and the old posts get pushed down and forgotten.

So every once in a while I like to look back and laugh at myself or pat myself on the back or even look at the reactions that commenters had to the posts of days gone by. The season is starting to wind down and I really should leave the offseason talk for the offseason and soak in what is left of real NBA basketball. However, I can't help but look back and see what we thought this season was going to be like heading into it.

For one thing, I had lots of questions about the young players on the team. I wondered if someone was going to make "the leap."

I thought it was going to be West:

Delonte West: My odds on favorite. He’s got the touch, the work ethic, and the overall talent to get there. He just needs to step it up a notch and produce more. The only thing I can see holding him back (baring injury) is the question of what position he’ll play and how to find enough minutes for all the guards.

While West has come along after a slow start, I can't say that he's really taken "the leap."  I think the indecision on his position has indeed stunted his growth, and I still think he'd be better suited to play the 2.  He has played well, but he wasn't the one this year. Guess who was:

I actually have really high hopes for Jefferson. He just has so many “if’s.” If he can put the ankle stuff behind him… If he can put to rest the whispers of work ethic… If Telfair can get him the ball where he likes it… If all goes right, he’s one of those no-limit guys, and that’s why he was on the media guide last year. I have to discount his chances because of the ”if’s” but he could be the best of the bunch.

Looks like his hard work from the offseason and working with Clifford Ray really paid off.  Jefferson has made it by consistently putting up double doubles all year and really coming on strong once Pierce returned to the lineup.

On the flip side, I think the only guy that we can say has been a flat-out "bust" would be Telfair. I still have some hope that he'll come around, but probably not this year, and maybe not on this team.

I'm not exactly batting for a good average on my SWAGs either. Of humorous note:

5. The Celtics will not only make the playoffs, but win one series. They’ll be up and down. They’ll be fast out of the gate, hit a wall or two, and get back momentum down the stretch. KG or no KG, by the end of the year, this team will be the proverbial “team nobody wants to play” going into the postseason. Telfair, West, Pierce, Jefferson, and Perkins are the future, and they’ll prove it in the playoffs.

Ummm, ...oops. That's what you get with an eternal optimist folks. Sometimes the world just doesn't cooperate.

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So, can you find some of your comments from the offseason? What comments did you make that made you cringe when you read them? Be honest! Call yourself out!