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Daily Links 3/7

Herald   Award motivates Jefferson to work even harder
More on Artest's situation... Aren't you glad those Artest to Boston rumors weren't true?
Globe    Rockets Thumbnails
West emerges as go to guy, but not playing at 100%
Globe Celtics Blog    Wyc wants team to win now, Al motivated by award, a Tony sighting, Sunday's game time moved   Al is center of attention, Green puts in extra work, Delonte emerging as go to option   Will Oden come out or stay in school?  That is the big question!
Eight  hidden gems in the draft
BSMW Full Court Press    Notes from the underground
Patriot Ledger   Jefferson earns accolade doing what he knows how to do
MetroWest Daily  Celtics learning how to win games will pay dividends next season
Star Telegram  Maxwell got off easy
FanHouse    Boston papers know the FanHouse     National player of the year is a one man race
Nike    Uniform transformation? Baggy shorts out, really really baggy shorts in
Suffolk Voice   Celtics are not among the worst teams talent wise, they just  played like it for 18 games

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