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Daily Links 3/9

Herald  Injury news, Doc looking for an extension, Pierce picks his core
Globe   Sonics Thumbnails
West better, Gomes hurting, Wally done, schedule rundown, Bulls to wear green
Wally's surgery successful    Simmons running log of the Houston game... Hilarious
Hollinger explains why Russell was 7th best (insider article)
Hoopsworld   Bulls Knicks and Celtics to wear green for St. Patrick's Day, Bulls will wear green against Celts.
Seattle Times    Fortson playing games, just not basketball, Celtics have a young and formidable front line
Patriot Ledger   Houston gives Celtics all they can handle, Celtics vow to be ready to play tonight
Van Gundy is very bullish on Jefferson, Doc thinks Scal is a defensive stopper
Dateline Alabama   BKN Celtics/Sonics preview
The Enterprise   Jefferson is the 11th Celtic to average a double double, just  keeps getting better
Loy's Place  The stuff of which nightmares are made
FanHouse  Celtics can't let Al Jefferson walk
NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedness   Carnival of the NBA  #42  is up - be sure to check it out to get the latest "scoop"
Atlanta Journal Constitution   Atlanta preparing to go all out tank mode the rest of the season