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Lame Duck?

DocThis summer, the team is going to have to decide on Doc Rivers.  (Herald)

Rivers shrugged and added, “You don’t want to be in this position, but we’re in it and we should take advantage of it. We’re not going to just play out the season; we’re working on stuff.”

The whole premise of him testing out ideas for next season obviously begs the question of whether he will be here.

“I’ve never worried about that,” Rivers said. “I think that was more from the outside. A couple of fans in a couple of paper bags; other than that, it’s been pretty good.”

In that next season is the last on his contract, Rivers has stated that he’ll talk to the Celtics about an extension this summer. While he didn’t state flat-out that he’d leave rather than stay on as a lame duck, it’s fair to believe he doesn’t want to be in that situation.

If he doesn't get an extension, will he walk away?