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Game #73 - Celtics vs. Cavs Recap

Today is one of those days when your friend calls to give up his C's/Cavs tickets. For some reason he can't use them. Of course you accept, thinking your friend is a moron. Then you show up and after a little bit it hits you: no Pierce, no LeBron.

I'm glad the Cavs lost. I hope the Bulls catch them and gain home court advantage for the playoffs.

It was a nice win for the Celtics, even if the Milwaukee Bucks are slowly creeping up (or is it down?) in the standings.

I just added a healthy Kendrick Perkins to next year's wish list. He really has shown some things, including a nice passing touch, over the last month or so.

Delonte West, Rajon Rondo, and Sebastian Telfair on the court at the same time?

We have now reached the "how big a fan are you?" aspect of the season. 9 games to go. Think of it like your first year of college. By staying involved it is like keeping in touch with the hot chick with the boyfriend back home. You did not know how long it would take but she broke up with him. And since you had "the in" things worked out for the better.

My analysis of Tommy during the Celtics/Magic game has morphed into the Tommy Heinsohn drinking game. Look for that in the next day or two.

Sorry for the shaky recap.

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