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Daily Links 4/1

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Herald   No truth in the Celtics tank
Scouting report:  Cavs at Celtics
Globe   Young Celtics have to learn to win without Pierce, it's a matter of focus and execution
May says get Hill, Raef oft injured, mistakes drafting big,  and miscellaneous tidbits
Hoopshype   Paul Pierce interview
CelticsStuffLive   Donny Marshall is special guest on post game show
Hoopsworld   Point Counterpoint - Durant or Oden?
Washington Post   Only the worst teams should get a shot at #1 pick, history may be on Celtics side  Coaches on the line and running out of time
NY Daily News   Walton talks about big men in the Final 4, Cousy talks about PG play,  and more
MetroWest Daily    Studying Rondoism - experience giddyupidness
Worcester Telegram   Gerald is still very green, Rondo and Ray need to improve shooting, Doc shouldn't hold breath for extension
The Ledger   BKN Celtics/Cavs preview
News Journal   Celtics Sixers rivalry is far from what it used to be
Sun Sentinel   Lottery contenders playing for pride, it's not easy being green, but there is still Celtics Pride
Fox Sports   Durant meets Bill Russell   Durant and family to decide his future soon, leaving door open for a return to Texas
Indy Star   JOneal near tears after latest loss, may be on the market this off season

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