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Breaking News: New Minority Owner

This exclusive will probably be met with our first official fine from the NBA, but we just can't keep the cat in the bag any longer.

The truth is,  Jeff isn't on vacation in Italy with his wife. He's in Boston on partnership business.

On February 14th, We were blessed with a truely magnificent piece of Karma. As Jeff refers to it, a gift straight from God. My wife and I won the New York Mega Millions Lottery, a jackpot worth 246 million dollars.

Because of the exorbitance of the windfall, we naturally needed to seek out investments and what better investment than that which is close to your heart: The BOSTON CELTICS.

Because of his official contacts and working relationship with the team, Jeff and I have entered into a partnership agreement and have made the necessary contacts in which to purchase a minority parnership stake in the team worth $112 Million.

Because I have other business to oversee at this hectic time,  Jeff has attended some of the preliminary meetings on our behalf in person, while I have joined in several times via conference call. In short time, the league will be voting on approval of our stake purchase.

Potentially bad news for some of you out there is that we don't have enough of a share to carry a vote our way. Assuming sound reasoning can't pursuade the decisions otherwise, Danny Ainge AND Doc Rivers will be retained for at least another season. However, on a good note, Celticsblog will become an Officially sanctioned site for the Boston Celtics

While we can't get into all the specifics, we have several small plans already in place in which to offer up as suggestions under the new ownership regime at the annual meeting.

The first is to make Master Po the Celtics pre-game motivational speaker. The second is to appoint Rob Hobbs as a side line reporter.

The last is to poke good hearted fun at anyone who has read this far into the article and not realized it was an April fools joke.

We now return you to real Celtics news....

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