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Man down...

We've all been having some fun around here today, but this is not an April Fool's prank. I received some unfortunate correspondence this morning related to our own, dear Master Po. I'm sad to say that he has experienced a seriously debilitating back injury. I received this news from our Global Moderator aQua earlier today. Po called aQua this morning to let us know that he would not be able to do any writing for us for awhile. My sense was that he may have underplayed the severity of his injury, but that he is also positive and confident that he will recovery well from it.

I took the liberty to relay to him on our behalf of the CelticsBlog community that, "...he is appreciated by everyone at CelticsBlog and will be missed. He will have all our best wishes for a good and speedy recovery". And that, " ...while we will miss his input and presence, we Students of Po will cover his absence as best we can".

Momentarily I will be starting a "Get Well" thread for our Sifu (master/teacher - 師傅). Everyone here is invited to send your regards and good wishes toward him.


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