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Game #77 - Celtics @ Hawks Recap

Anytime Zaza Pachulia goes off for 22 points and 12 rebounds the team he is playing against has some issues down low.

Rajon Rondo (8 assists and 2 steals) is essentially going to cost me my fantasy league. I just missed out on picking him up after a stat stuffing performance Saturday night. And as a bonus he shot 8-11 from the field tonight. The three categories I need - field goal percentage, assists, and steals. Can't they shut him down? Nix that. If something bad happens to Rondo I will never forgive myself.

The Hawks did not exactly trot out a murder's row tonight. Check out who played.

For the first time the losing is starting to get to me. I need to rally for these final 5 games. Although that is kind of an accomplishment given the fact that there was an 18 game losing streak.  

The C's are finding ways to lose. I'm not saying it is on purpose. But this was a winnable game. Of course I'm supposed to be happy. It just feels wrong. Like not eating meat. Or rooting for the Knicks.

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