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Game #78 - C's vs. 76ers Preview

I have to admit that I am intrigued by the Philadelphia 76ers. Management made any number of mistakes over the past several seasons between ludicrous contracts and bad trades. Finally they essentially started from scratch. They bought out Chris Webber's contract, traded Allen Iverson, and decided to see exactly what Andre Iguodala can do. And it has worked to a degree. Over the last month or so they have received a good deal of positive press for a team that currently has 32 wins (6-4 over their last 10).

Meanwhile, I always wonder how much the end of one season affects the next one. It strikes me as one of those clichés people throw around. For example if players stop trying as the schedule winds down I can see how that will effect the following season in the sense that the team has players who wilt in the face of adversity or selectively apply themselves. But I am not convinced that wins and losses in April have anything to do with results in October. The Charlotte Bobcats have won 6 of their last 8. Does that mean they will start next season on a tear? Well if they resign Gerald Wallace and he plays all world as he has been since January, maybe. On to the Sixers' lineup:

Iguodala missed last night's game with a lower back strain and will not suit up tonight. Kyle Korver did not play last night either. No word on what his status is for tonight. I missed the memo about half of the Association turning into NBDL teams for April.

Andre Miller - He is in his eighth season, is 31 years old, and has been an All Star. Does he have an ego? Guys are sitting all over the league, his old team is in the playoffs, and yet he plays on. I thought he was in a contract year but he's got 2 more seasons left on his deal. It's odd that that a guy simply doing his job excites me. I hope he has 20 assists tonight.

Willie Green - Critics often mock his contract but his 2,800,000 is a paltry sum compared to the combined $17 million plus that Jamal Mashburn and Todd MacCulloch pulled down this year. Although Green is signed for 4 more seasons. They still will get more for their money than the $7 million Aaron McKie will collect next season.

Samuel Dalembert - If I were an NBA executive I would pay way too much for him. In a related story he made close to $9 million this season.

Steven Hunter - I was under the impression that he was Dalembert's back up. Now they both start.

Bobby Jones - A rookie, he made his first career start last night. It's never a good sign when I am checking out a team's most recent games results and I have to click on the guy's first initial and last name to get his full name. I know I don't follow every team like I do the Celtics. But I watch every C's game and play fantasy basketball as well. Long story short I know very little about Bobby Jones.

Other players of note:

Joe Smith - Yeah that Joe Smith. Maryland. Former #1 pick. Still hanging around (17 points and 11 rebounds last night). In his 12th season.

I will post some Larry Bird/Dr. J pictures over the course of the day to break up the monotony of the end of the season.

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