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The Leftovers

Now the C's can clinch the 2nd worst record on Friday night.  It occured to me, looking at a box score of last night's game, that we really are this bad.  Or rather, the remaining healthy players are this bad.  I did a very quick ranking of all our players when they are all 100% healthy (I'm sure this could be debated up and down, and feel free to do so, but that is beside the point).  The purpose is to show how many of our best players are missing from the lineup.

P. Pierce
A. Jefferson
W. Szczerbiak - when fully healthy I still think he's this good
T. Allen
D. West
R. Rondo - maybe tied with West or even higher at this point
R. Gomes - developing into a 3
K. Perkins
G. Green - only ahead of Scal for his ability to score
B. Scalabrine
L. Powe
S. Telfair - some signs of life
A. Ray
T. Ratliff - don't have much to base this on and there's little point anyway, he's done
M. Olowokandi - DNP CD - not sure if he's hurt or just isn't part of the plan
K. Pinkney - good luck kid

Take away any team's (arguably) 5 best players, and they are not going to win many games. 

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