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Herald    Pierce shuts it down, Ray proud of sister, Sox honor Red
Pierce to miss rest of season, West still wants to play
Globe   Pierce done, C's run out of steam, Ainge to pitch Doc's extension to owners
Hoopsworld   Celtics down to seven, Pierce done, team looking forward to next season
ESPN Insider   Conley Sr expects Conley Jr and Oden to declare but not sign
Worcester Telegram    Injuries end Pierce's season, Team starts strong but wear out   For Allan Ray Imus's comments were personal
Season a learning experience for Ray
Sixers outlast depleted Celtics
Sixers have had it hard, Celtics have had it harder, Dalembert no Perkins when it comes to passing
Nashua Telegraph   Bumbling Celtics lose game, Pierce 
Philly Sportsline   Hunter helps Sixers overcome Celtics
Houston Chronicle   Sixers benefiting from Iverson trade
Sporting News  Pierce will be traded this summer,if not Celtics will remain mediocre
For some teams, losing comes naturally