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Friday - YouTube clip of the week

This was a clip I highlighted on my old site. But since I get a little more traffic now I'm bringing it back.

Back in November I searched "Kevin McHale" on YouTube and was shocked to find only 4 clips. You can mock McHale's dress code and skills as a GM, or lack thereof, as much as you want. I'm not offended. However, let's not forget his playing career. Charles Barkley has gone on record and said, "Kevin McHale is the best player I ever played against." Who couldn't watch #32 in the post all day? Back to the YouTube search. There was a weak highlight compilation of various players, a certain hook shot from 1987 that I refuse to post, and 10 seconds of the man himself. And then I stumbled on the video below. A few basic points:

  1. We need this to spread like herpes (I'm tired of the wildfire analogy) so that we get a new catch phrase, "I gotta party and stuff."
  2. The kid who utters the party line looks at his wrist to check the time. The video quality is such that it's hard to tell, but I do not believe that he is wearing a watch.
  3. Robert Bickerstaff (McHale) wears a shirt with #55 on the back and #15 on the front. As I noted earlier, McHale wore #32.
  4. Every time Bickerstaff shoots they cut to a ball going in the basket without showing how it got there. That's understandable. But I'm not sure how I feel about a few of the shots where the ball entered the basket from an angle that was drastically different from where he released it. Who am I kidding? I loved it.
  5. I enjoyed the fake dunk.
Overall this clip borders on the surreal. It has some cult potential. It also could be a cautionary tale that would be effective as the centerpiece of interventions.

Though the two are most likely unrelated, several McHale clips have been added to YouTube since my complaint 5 months ago. That means we all can enjoy this:

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