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Game #79 - Celtics vs. Bucks Recap

Last night was a tough one. What was the most depressing aspect?

  1. The C's 18 turnovers and general carelessness with the ball.
  2. The fact that Dan Gadzuric joined a growing list of average players to have a career night against the C's.
  3. The final sequence of the game: Allan Ray pushed the ball ahead and then inexplicably passed it to Leon Powe. Powe took a few dribbles and got it back to Ray. Ray then dribbled a bit with no real purpose, finally drove, and kicked it back out to Powe. This was yet another poor decision. Powe then chucked it out to Sebastian Telfair for a desperation three. He missed it. Game over. Bob Cousy vomited on the scorer's table.
  4. The 1957 championship team was in the house - Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, Tommy Heinsohn of course, Frank Ramsey, and others. Those guys cared, played as a team, and got the job done.
In hindsight the fact that the 57' C's watched that was the worst part. This franchise used to mean something. More on that next week.