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Is One Year Enough For Doc?

Here's a blurb I read in ESPN the Mag:

'Tis the season for speculating about coaching moves.  Let's start with Doc Rivers.  He actually could be back in Boston - if he'll take a jus-one-year extension.  Doc, though, wants multiple years.  Wouldn't it be weird if that's what gets him canned?

From the start of this whole business about Doc's extension, the key question that has been asked is "how long of an extension?"  And that could be the key sticking point this summer.  With the two sides holding on the years that they want, it buys everyone more time to take a wait and see approach to the summer.  I am starting to believe that things will not be resolved until after the lottery determines where we'll be picking.

If we don't get a top pick and Doc still can't get a multiple year extension, he might just walk.  As I've mentioned before, he can cash in right away with a TV contract and still play the "I was handcuffed by youth and injuries" card to get himself another coaching gig down the line.   Maybe the team is ready to make a leap forward next year, but if the draft doesn't produce a star and Danny can't trade for one, then why would Doc want to suffer through another year of this?  With a short term extension, Doc knows that if things go poorly next year, he's the #1 scapegoat.  And scapegoats aren't as marketable as lovable losers.

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