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Game #81 - Celtics @ Heat Preview

I was going to write one of my classic previews with little substantial information and several lame jokes, but decided to do something worse and direct you to my April 6th preview. A few things have changed since then however:

  1. Al Jefferson and Delonte West are back in action. This makes the C's a much better team. Though I am not sure they are any match for the Heat right now.
  2. Dwayne Wade is back. I'm interested to see how he looks. I've read that the shoulder is fine but he's working to get his legs back. We'll see.
Unless Miami, who appears to be locked into the fourth playoff spot, pulls a no show, I expect the C's to lose. It would be fitting for this season to end with an eight game losing streak (Pistons on Wednesday).

I'd like to see someone at the very least knock Antoine Walker and Gary Payton down for their recent comments.

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