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Offseason Primer

The games are inconsequential at this point, but there are still some reasons to watch.  Perhaps the most basic is that there won't be any more games until summer league and then not till next October.  That's a long time without actual basketball.

Still, the blog does not shut down over the summer.  In fact, in some regards it really picks up on the speculation and reaction to offseason moves.  I've said it a lot, but it bears repeating.  This is the most important offseason for this team in at least a decade, maybe more.  Here are some things to look forward to (and we will be covering each one in great detail over the next few weeks.

  1. Evaluation of current players:  Really this has been going on all season, but I'm sure that Ainge, Doc, and others will have a formal sit down meeting to discuss how each player fits in with the team's plans going forward.
  2. Doc's contract status:  Sounds like everyone in the organization wants him back next year, it is just a question of what his contract will look like.  If he's coming back, I want as short a commitment as possible.  If he earns a bigger paycheck next year, give him more money then.
  3. The Draft Lottery:  There's no way to oversell the importance of this day.  Will change the course of the team for a decade or more.
  4. Trade Scenarios:  The possible available names is long and may grow.  Jermaine O'Neal, Gasol, Kidd, and KG are the headliners.  ({styleboxjp width=250px,float=right,color=grey,textcolor=black,echo=yes}For some reason I picture KG calling a meeting with McHale and company and not demanding a trade, not saying a word, just sitting down and staring at them.  You know, one of his cold blooded, ice dagger stares, for a solid hour, with McHale and company shifting uncomfortably in their seats.{/styleboxjp}  I don't know why, I just see this happening.)  The second tier includes Bibby, Maggette, and Rashard Lewis.  I'm sure there are more and we do have Theo to dangle to offer cap relief.  Update: word is that the Nuggets want to move Camby for financial reasons.
  5. Free Agent Posibilities:  Will we use the MLE?  Probably not unless we get all the other pieces needed for a playoff run or perhaps if we shed some future salary in a trade.
  6. The NBA Draft:  Danny's favorite night of the year (and my birthday - hope I get what I want this year!)
  7. Summer League:  Could be the first chance to see the franchise savior.  Regardless, we'll be adding two rookies (baring any trades) and this will be a chance for Rondo to practice his jumper in game situations.  Powe may also be fighting for a roster spot. 

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