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Daily Links 4/16

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Herald  Frantic rally not enough for Celtics
Jefferson's return a hit,  Pinkney played well but not re-signed, Tommy to the Lottery
Globe    Ainge wants Celtics to be Pierce's #1 priority, Pinkney may be back for Summer League
Green Room   Tankology,  Doc's recent coaching should make Celtics fans feel "dirty"
Hoopsworld   Turning a legacy into a 3 ring circus
Bucks, not your average tanker - like say, the Celtics are
ESPN Insider   Duncan challenged to a fight, ejected for laughing- refs out of control
Indy Star   Pacers done for the season, Is JOneal done in Indy?
SouthCoast Today   Accentuating the Celtics' positives
Loy's Place   Thoughts on tanking, coaching and defense
Orlando Sentinel   Suffering ends but wait for a winner continues
Win over Celtics puts Magic in the Post Season
NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedness   The tank machine in T shirt form
Hendersonville News   BKN Celtics - Heat preview
Deadspin   Ryan Gomes is aware of the Celtics priorities

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