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SB Nation Reader's Choice Awards: Round 1 - Rookie of the Year

As part of my duties at SB Nation I handle small tasks on a regular basis. For example every other Tuesday I send 1000 red sour patch kids to Matt at Blog-a-Bull. However, I am here to talk about one of my exciting jobs. I am joining with the other basketball bloggers to find out your choice for the following NBA awards: ROY, MVP, Coach of the Year, Most Improved Player, Defensive Player of the Year, 6th Man of the Year.

I will be in charge of unveiling the Rookie of the Year next week. In the meantime start voting. I really need a decent showing as the other basketball blogs are already mocking me. Few guidelines:

  • You can only vote once. Don't vote here and then try to vote at another SB Nation blog.
  • Include your top 3 choices.
  • Please be serious. Wally Szczerbiak can't win 6th Man of the Year.
  • Vote in the appropriate thread. This one is for Rookie of the Year. More to come in the days to follow.
Well that's about it. Check out the full details at Bullets Forever. So create an account (upper right) if you don't have one. And vote. Really I can't take Clippers fans mocking me. Thanks.  

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