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Game #82 - Celtics vs. Pistons Recap

I hate to write the following. But this is why I respect the Pistons. They did not need this game. Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton did not play. By the end of the game none of Detroit's core was on the floor. Rajon Rondo brought the crowd to its feet with a game tying free throw. And then Flip Murray ended it. I was impressed by Murray's poise. Of course he recently faced gunmen. But it kind of speaks to how different these two franchises are. The Celtics lose. The Pistons are cold blooded. Strangely FSN showed some highlights at the end of the game that got me all fired up for next season. I'm so easy.

ABCs of the Celtics season tomorrow: A - M.

And vote for the 6th Man of the Year here.

Tommy Heinsohn just called the C's a very competitive team. They won 24 games. Then Mike Gorman said, "See you from Rome in a couple of months." Tommy laughed hysterically at this. I have no idea why.

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