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Thank You From Celtics Pride

The following is from Jeff Hickman of Celtics Pride on ESPN Radio.


So it has come to this: a final note, and last passage of sorts. We are all in the same boat. Whether we agree or disagree, we are drifting without paddles. The seas are rough, and we all have our own opinion about how we can get out of the mess we are in. After a long and dreadful season, Patrick and I are ready to hang it up for the season. We will be back for a few appearances on Lotto night, and Draft night. However, I want to take a few minutes to rant and rave, and thank the people that make it possible.

When Red died, I thought this season was destined to be one of our best. I believed there was a real buzz around this team, and they had something prove. Red had died and the Celtics were going to give him a great sendoff. This was a silly mistake. The Celtics went out and lost the first game of the season on their home floor. As we left the Garden (it isn’t even close to the garden in any way), Patrick looked at me and I told him the season was over. My normal pessimism amuses Patrick on most occasions. Not this time. He thought I was out of my mind to make that determination after only one game. As fans, much like the instinct of a parent, we know when things aren’t right. I knew.

The Celtics went on to start the season 1-6. Danny came on the show and jumped down our throats about how we don’t watch the games, and we don’t know what we are talking about. Yet, here we are at the end of the season hoping for lottery balls. “It’s the injuries….” Many of you shout from your seat. No it isn’t. It’s the fact that Danny has collected chips to play poker but hasn’t played the game. Now he has Paul Pierce frustrated, and a restless Celtic Nation.

lottoWait! In the distance I see land. May 22. It’s going to save us right? Nope. It might save us. Yet, Danny and Wyc seem so confident going into next year. They have sold us the scoreboards and dancing girls, the sound system and the young players. I liken it to buying bad used cars from the same dealer over and over again. I go in and buy what seems like a nice, shiny, new car. It breaks down in a month. I bring it back to the same dealer and they give me new one that also looks shiny and new. It also breaks down in a month. Should I go back to the same dealer when they tell me that they have another great car they can replace it with? Shouldn’t start questioning where I am buying cars. Hence, the 2007 Boston Celtics.

They can only sell all of us for so long. So, yes, everything depends on the draft lottery. Danny can sell you a shiny, new car that looks nice on the surface. However, this organization is in a lot of trouble if they don’t get Durant or Oden. They have chips to trade, but many of the chips hurt their value this year. Tony Allen, no value. Wally, no value. Delonte, very little value. Sebastian…just kidding. The two chips we have, we should keep. Rondo and Jefferson have played very well, except they are all teams are going to want besides Pierce. We are not going down that road. Do you trust Ainge to make the right trades for veterans? The only viable tradable chip right now is Ratliff’s contract.

All things considered, we all thought we would be a better team this season. Yes, injuries have played a role. Are we even close to winning it all? No. Does Doc and Danny’s job depend on this draft? Yes. Stop selling, and start winning. It is time they put up or shut up.

Now, on a more serious note, Patrick and I couldn’t thank CelticsBlog and it’s readers any more. Many of you have said how poor our show is, and many of you have given us praise. On both sides we thank you. We love what we do, and we know without all of your support, we wouldn’t be on ESPN. It has been a tough road for the Celtic Pride program from our start on 1510 The Zone to now. CelticsBlog has allowed us to keep in touch with what the REAL Celtics fans are thinking. It allows us to communicate with the people that care about the C’s as much as we do. For that we thank you. Our partnership with Jeff and the blog has added to the success our show has seen this year, despite the poor record of the team. We owe you all a debt of gratitude, whether you like us or not. We need your support next year and in the offseason. Thank you for being there for us, and we will continue to be there for you next year and years to come.

Editor's Note (from Jeff Clark):  I encourage everyone to listen to the show tonight.  We are very lucky to have a post game show dedicated to the Celtics in a town dominated by the Sox and Pats.  Hickman and Gilroy do a great job with the show and even when I don't agree with them, which is often, I am always entertained.  I plan on calling in to the show tonight so please check it out.  Enjoy the last game and then come and share your thoughts on the air.

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