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Calling Out The Optimists

In the preseason, I organized a site where every team's blogger could preview the season. I thought it might be fun to look back and see how well each team did. I enlisted the very talented Jason Gurney from Ballhype to put the numbers into a sortable table. Here are the results.

Winner of the Overoptimistic Drunk On Kool Aid Award is our good friend Justin from CelticsStuffLive. He predicted 48 wins for the Celtics and had the highest negative differential (-24) in the league. (I didn't fare much better at -18) Jason himself was the most pessimistic, underestimating the fortunes of the Jazz and Warriors.  Henry Abbott of TrueHoop (and now an ESPN bigshot) cheated and didn't pick a win total.

For more fun at Ballhype (from the makers of, check out the new game picking the winners of each round of the playoffs. 2007 NBA Playoffs Pick'em Contest

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