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Perkins Sued

Kendrick Perkins' former trainer is suing him. (Southeast Texas Record)

On Sept. 7, 2006, Ryals and Perkins entered into a written contract for services executed in Jefferson County. The contract stated that Ryals would provide training and advice including physical, mental, health, lifestyle, financial, investing and tax matters. In exchange for the services, Perkins would pay Ryals .066312997 percent of his pay from the NBA, but excluding monies he received from endorsements or incentives.

Subsequently, Perkins received a four year, $16 million contract extension with the Celtics.

"Despite continuously paying Mr. Ryals for the three year period while he lived with Mr. Perkins in Boston, Mr. Perkins now after signing his contract extension refuses to pay Mr. Ryals the sums that are due," the plaintiff's original petition states.

To save you the math, .066312997 x $16M = $1,061,008

I'm no lawyer, but if he has a contract with this guy, he's going to owe him some bigtime money.

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