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Sam Smith Is Silly

This is Sam Smith's time to shine, the offseason, when anything could happen, so why not put anything in print?

One of the rumors floating around with teams is whomever gets Oden will be pushed to deal a major player for a draft pick to select Conley because Oden, despite his mature look, is considered more a follower and a playful kid compared with Conley.

It provides a potentially interesting scenario for a team like the Bulls, who are ninth in the prelottery draft order after Friday's drawing to break ties.

Say Memphis gets Oden. Would that expedite a deal for Gasol to get a top-10 pick and then Conley? Or Boston with Al Jefferson? It could put a team in an enviable position to get a veteran, and having a happy franchise center with a dynamic point guard would figure to be worth it for any team. This figures to be the most interesting draft in many years.

Umm, what?  You mean you think the Celtics would trade Al Jefferson for the rights to draft Conley?  Really?  Next rumor please.

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