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Bad Publicity

TelfairThere’s no such thing as bad publicity.  I don’t know who said that, but I wonder how Wyc feels about that right now.  This team has been a headline machine this year, and hardly ever in a good way.  All I wanted back in February was to be forgotten about.  I guess I can just add that to the list of things to be disappointed in.

Here is a sampling of headlines from this year:  There was the Fabolous incident (which the team got egg on its face lying about why Sebastian had to leave a preseason game), the record breaking 18 game losing streak, Danny’s expensive seat next to Durant’s mom, the allegations of tanking, and the Bill Simmons campaign to fire Doc.  (Note that I’m not going to trivialize the passing of Red and DJ by calling them headlines â€" they were tragic and I’ll leave it at that)

The team has kept me busy updating this blog and finding its way into PTI segments and Mike & Mike rants.  (Cue infomercial voice) But wait!  There’s more!  The offseason has picked up right where the season left off.

First Telfair is arrested, then Perkins is sued, then Telfair is unceremoniously dumped, and now the charges against Allen have been dropped.  My head is still spinning.  At this point I’m ready for anything and everything.

At least the Tony Allen news is positive.  The team clearly sees Sebastian Telfair as someone who lacks the proper judgment to avoid further trouble, so they are severing that tie.  As has been pointed out numerous times, everyone else on this team is viewed as solid citizens and all around great guys.  So hopefully this won’t be an issue much longer.  You can be sure that is the message Wyc is trying to send with his email to the media.

This team needs a string of good luck.  It needs some positive press.  It needs those oft mentioned ping pong balls to turn this ship around and lead us into calmer, happier waters.

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