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Telfair Trade Options

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The NY Daily News reports:

As much as Telfair's rap sheet is working against him, his birth certificate is still in his favor. He doesn't turn 22 until June, so if a team has enough talent at other spots to hide his glaring deficiencies, it might take a chance on him. And if a team wants to run, there are few players who are as fast as Telfair is with the basketball in his hands.

It sounds like a ridiculously tough fit, but Denver, Orlando and Minnesota are already being mentioned as possible new homes.

"I would think that the Celtics will try to get something for him," one Eastern Conference executive said yesterday. "Once things settle down, I could see them looking to put him in a trade, being a guy who's included in a deal to make the numbers work. But somebody will take a shot on him. He's young and he made a mistake."